Denise LoweryDenise Lowery, L.C.S.W.
Social Worker

As a Medical Social Worker, Denise has the education and compassion to help patients and their families cope with the diverse stressors that life may present. Her extensive background in child welfare, mental health, and medical social work have collectively shaped her clinical skills and prepared her to understand the unique needs of the bleeding disorder community. At UC Davis HTC, Denise conducts Biopsychosocial assessments, interventions, and provides various treatment planning options. She follows up with patients outside of clinic offering brief counseling, crisis intervention, resource coordination, medical insurance advocacy, and ongoing education related to inherited bleeding disorders.

As a mother of both teens and young adults, Denise understands the pressures and obstacles that this population faces. She recently developed a transition program to assist this age group with medical independence, school scholarships and applications, financial planning, resume writing, job interviewing techniques and more.

When not fighting for social justice or advocating for youth and young adults, Denise’s time is spent with her loving husband and four children. She enjoys traveling the country watching my children play sports and traveling to tropical islands on vacation. Work life balance is important.