UC Davis 340B PharmacyUC Davis Hemostasis and Thrombosis Center (HTC) is pleased to be able to offer 340B outpatient factor services to our patients. This program allows us to work with a contracted pharmacy to provide factor and supplies to bleeding disorder patients who receive care at our center. Our patients benefit, because as a federally-funded hemophilia treatment center we can purchase factor at significantly reduced prices and pass this discount on to patients who choose to participate in the program. The proceeds from this program are returned to the HTC to support efforts to provide better comprehensive care for all patients.

We are offering this program for the following reasons:

  • The federal funding for hemophilia treatment centers across the United States has not increased in 10 years. As a matter of fact, these funds have been reduced over the years, and there are no guarantees that further reductions will not occur in the future.
  • The number of patients followed at UC Davis Hemostasis and Thrombosis Center has been increasing steadily over the last several years.
  • Financial support from UC Davis Health for our hemophilia treatment center is very limited. Other sources of income are needed to support program salaries, office equipment, supplies, rent, etc. 

Just like commercial home care companies, UC Davis 340B Pharmacy offers the following:

Patients who are interested in UC Davis 340B Pharmacy should call 916-734-3461 or 866-492-1665 for additional information on our services.

  • All brands of factor products, supplies and services.
  • An extensive list of ancillary supplies.
  • Attentive and knowledgeable customer service, seven days a week with extended business hours.
  • Convenient shipment of all orders to your home or other location of your choice.
  • Coordination of home nursing services.
  • Reimbursement and contracting expertise with local and national payors.
  • Access to reimbursement experts familiar with bleeding disorders.

Utilization of Program Income

In addition to supporting the ongoing needs of the HTC, income from our 340B program has allowed us to:

  • Hire additional staff including a full-time physical therapist, a second pediatric nurse, a pediatric social worker, an office assistant and a budget analyst. Due to increasing grant requirements, we have also hired additional administrative staff.
  • Provide financial support to emergency assistance programs managed by community partners.
  • Present educational retreats and symposia for patients and their families.

Patient Choice Policy

Like all other hemophilia treatment centers, our HTC has a patient choice policy and we strictly adhere to this policy.  Some insurance companies restrict patient access to a single home care company in order to obtain advantageous pricing.  However, whether patients are covered by private insurance or public programs like CCS, GHPP or Medi-Cal, they may be able to choose the UC Davis 340B Pharmacy.