Integrative nutrition is a blend of traditional nutrition therapy with other approaches, looking beyond symptoms to investigate the root cause. It considers psychological, physiological, and environmental factors that might be contributing to your health. While similar to traditional nutrition services in the sense that we talk a lot about your food choices and eating behaviors, it expands upon that to include other approaches as a part of the care plan. These approaches can include things such as therapeutic diets, overall dietary change, therapeutic whole foods, supplements and/or herbs, in addition to shifts in lifestyle. This results in a much more individualized approach to your care.

Initial nutrition visits last about 45 minutes and include a review of your history and learning about your goals. From there, your dietician will work with you to create a plan to help you reach your goals in a realistic and sustainable way. Everyone goes at their own pace, and you will work with your dietician to determine your follow-up schedule together. It is helpful to know what supplements you take, their ingredients and doses, as well as a general idea of what your usual food intake looks like prior to your appointment.

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