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Reporting Discrimination and Hate

Click here for resources at UCD for reporting discrimination and hate.

Resources for Racial trauma

Click here for additional assistance:

The Academic and Staff Assistance Program (ASAP): is also available to faculty and staff in need of support.

Diversity Courses offered by the main Campus Office of Diversity Equity and Inclusion

Mental Health Resources

Student Health and Counseling Services offers telemental health. To schedule an appointment, call the appointment desk at 530-752-0871; schedule an appointment online via HeM or contact Dr. Bai-Yin Chen, specialist in graduate student mental health. Please visit Counseling Services website for additional mental health and wellness resources. Please encourage students to take care of their mental health and use available resources such as Student Health and Counseling Services.

Campus Counseling Services for Graduate Students

There are also campus counseling services available to graduate students.

Virtual sessions to vent and process hosted by UC Davis student centers

Graduate Diversity Officers

Lab Specific Resource

Book List (PDF)