Advanced Practice Council Membership Application

      • Mission of Council:

        The Advance Practice Nurse Council implements and maintains standards of advanced clinical nursing practice and patient care consistent with evidence – based practice and requirements of regulatory agencies.

        Expectations of Council Members:

        1. Demonstrate an interest in and commitment to evidence based practice being reflected in clinical practice standards.

        2. Solicit ideas related to clinical practice standards from nurses working on the member’s unit/service.

        3. Communicate decisions and activities of the Clinical Practice Council to nurses working on the member’s unit/service.

        4. Attend at least 80% of the monthly Council meetings. Communicate with Council Chair in advance when unable to attend a meeting.

      • Personal Information

      • ( briefly review your membership and leadership roles in local, national and international organizations, hospital based councils, community leadership positions )

        ( In your own words, please describe your interest in becoming a Council member and what you would contribute to the Council: )