UC Davis Health's Family Planning Center in Sacramento is invested in helping every woman, regardless of her choice and circumstance. We offer abortion services for women in the first and second trimesters. The types of abortion treatment and procedures available to you depend on the maturity of the pregnancy, your medical history and needs.

Medical Abortion:

A medical abortion involves using pills which cause a pregnancy to be passed from your body. Follow up is required.

Applicable for: Pregnancy up to 10 weeks (70 days after your last normal period).

We are able to consult with patients via video (telehealth) about a medical abortion. Please contact our office for more information about this process.

Surgical Abortion:

In California, surgical abortions are an option from five to 24 weeks of pregnancy. The procedure takes approximately five to 15 minutes to complete and can be performed in our office in Sacramento or at the hospital, depending on your situation. More advanced procedures typically require multiple visits.

Applicable for: Pregnancy from five weeks (35 days after your last period).

Used for:

  • Termination due to abnormal pregnancy
  • Maternal health conditions
  • Elective abortion

Abortion Complications:

Complications from abortion are rare. However, if you have an unexpected situation, you can reach us at UC Davis Medical Center with access to our specialists 24-hours a day, seven days a week.