My mom used to work as an emergency room LVN at UC Davis Medical Center, so I’ve received care at UC Davis Health since my childhood. Dr. Kevin Tracy was my pediatrician growing up, and I knew UC Davis was the best place to get care in Northern California.

As I got older and aged out of my parents’ insurance, I selected coverage based solely on price and began to see other care providers at different health systems. However, receiving care elsewhere made me realize how great and special our providers really are.

When open enrollment came around the following year, I made sure to choose an insurer that included UC Davis in its network. I wanted the best for myself and my family, and I’m really glad I chose UC Davis Health.

My primary care doctor actually asks me questions and listens to my answers. And I really appreciate the huge emphasis we have on preventative care – especially Food is Medicine, wellness, and the health classes offered.

Fun fact: I like hanging out with my dog Ozzy, he’s my number #1 guy.