When I first started at UC Davis Health five years ago, I was a Kaiser patient and stayed with them because I already had established primary care. However, that changed after I witnessed the world-class care our UC Davis Health teams provided. Knowing I had access to that same care, I made the switch to UC Blue & Gold.

My health care journey began at the Elk Grove clinic where I was assigned a primary care provider. My doctor was very diligent, listened to me, and worked with me to achieve my health goals. A major plus, I never waited more than five minutes to get called into an appointment.

In October 2021, I gave birth to a healthy baby girl and was very grateful for the ‘all hands on deck’ approach during my delivery. My baby’s heart rate decelerated during delivery and the NICU recusation team was right by my side. A few minutes later my daughter was born, and her heart rate was back to normal. Dr. Oko, who took care of me during my pregnancy was also there during my delivery and he kept me calm and level-headed the whole time.

My experience was amazing. The nurses and lactation consultation were all helpful plus I got to celebrate with “mommy meals” from our farm-to-fork chef Santana Diaz. The food was delicious including the chocolate cake and strawberries for dessert. It was so lovely how they set it up and made everything super nice.

Now that my daughter is here our whole family receives care from UC Davis Health. My daughter’s doctor Dr. Munoz is kind and patient, and makes you feel like he has infinite hours for you. We adore him and love him in every way. We are very satisfied with UC Davis Health.