Bead-based multiplex test systems enable the detection and measurement of multiple proteins (analytes), simultaneously and quantitatively, in a single test sample. Such multiplex capabilities have resulted in substantial enhancement of many areas of both basic and clinical research. Importantly, multiplex analysis of proteins will be essential for translational research, which aims to move the use of biomarkers discovered in basic biomedical research into clinical applications.

The mission of the Clinical Proteomics Core is to provide intellectual and technical expertise, and instrumentation (Luminex platform), for multiplex analysis of proteins in disease. Importantly, to accomplish this mission, the Core interacts closely with basic and clinical investigators to promote and facilitate translational research. Core services are organized into three components: (1) client-driven custom assay development, (2) analyte detection by commercial kits (e.g., 34 cytokines and chemokines; biomarkers for cancer and other diseases), and (3) serodetection for infectious agents. The services offered through the Core extend to all researchers and clinicians at UC Davis as well as other institutions.