1. Measurements of up to 34 different cytokines and chemokines simultaneously in one sample based on commercially available kits from:
    BioRad, Upstate, Linco, Biosource or R&D Systems
  2. Samples range from tissue culture fluid to plasma, serum, cerebrospinal fluid, urine, tears and other body fluids.
  3. Custom assay development:
    1. Conversion of existing ELISAs for more than one analytes to multiplex format.
    2. Development of new multiplex assays to measure more than one analytes in one sample simultaneously.
    3. Multiplex assay may be developed for measuring biomarkers such as for cancer markers, cell signaling proteins (kinases) etc.
  4. ELISA
  5. Western blots

The client will provide basic information by completing a “Multiplex Project-sheet” (project title, principal investigator and contact information, brief statement of project goals, funding source) to the Core Director, Paul Luciw, who then determines the suitability of the proposed project for multiplex immunoassay by the Luminex format.  Client will be provided with advice for sample preparation.  Scheduling will be done by the Operations Director, Imran Khan. 

Data management – At present, the Core uses BioPlex software from BioRad (Richmond, CA) for multi-variate data analysis, which is required to obtain the best information from the high content multiplex assays.  As the Clinical Proteomics Core expands and thereby increases in volume and complexity, we plan to evaluate a custom-built information system similar to the Multiplex Assay Information Management System for sample tracking, collection of assay data, and analysis of multiplex.  This system has been in use by our collaborators at the Lawrence-Livermore National Laboratories (LLNL).  Data exchange – Multiplex data will be made available to clients through electronic file-sharing of documents via Email.  Back-up - All computer data generated for the multiplex assays will be routinely stored on an external hard-drive, which is protected by a back-up power supply.


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