Magpix and Luminex system

The Clinical Proteomics Core Lab offers an extensive list of human, mouse, monkey canine, and rat cytokine, chemokine, and growth factor assays. In addition, we offer two assay platforms, ELISAs and Multiplex (Luminex).

We utilize a Magpix or Luminex™ 100 system for our multi-analyte assays using commercially available kits from the country’s leading vendors in multiplex technology. Millipore, R&D Systems, Bio-Rad, and Thermofisher offer a robust network of assays for many different species and sample types. Analytes can be measured by the multiplex method in cell/tissue lysates, including biopsy specimens, and in serum, urine, saliva, etc.

Assays include:

  • Cytokines, chemokines, adipokines & growth factors
  • Intracellular signaling pathways
  • Protein phosphorylation
  • Angiogenesis factors
  • Neuroendocrine hormones
  • Cancer markers
  • Autoimmune antibodies
  • Others (please check the vendor website for more information)

We offer custom assay development:

  1. Conversion of existing ELISAs for more than one analyte to multiplex format.
  2. Development of new multiplex assays to measure more than one analyte in one sample simultaneously.
  3. Multiplex assay may be developed to measure biomarkers such as cancer markers, cell signaling proteins (kinases), etc.

We also offer ELISA services using commercial kits for less common biomarkers.

The client will provide basic information by completing a “Multiplex Project-sheet” (project title, principal investigator and contact information, brief statement of project goals, funding source) to the Core Director, Dr. Imran Khan, who then determines the suitability of the proposed project for multiplex immunoassay by the Luminex format. In addition, the client will be provided with advice for sample preparation. Scheduling will be done by the Associate Director, Dr. Resmi Ravindran.

We are happy to help with experimental design through to data interpretation. Our turnaround time is approximately 5-7 business days, and data are emailed to the investigator in a user-friendly Excel format.