Role of the Observer

  • Engage with UC Davis Health doctors and nurses.
  • Attend outpatient clinics.
  • Attend patient care visits and conferences.
  • Watch patient procedures.
  • Understand clinical workflow within their chosen area of interest.
  • Attend department meetings, seminars, grand rounds, and other educational activities. 


Program Length

The observership program typically lasts one week to three months, depending on the visitor and the hosting department at UC Davis Health.

Most observerships are focused on clinical training opportunities, but some visitors are also interested in working on research projects. In these cases, visitors usually observe in the clinic environment for three months and extend their stay for up to 12 months for research activities.


How to Apply

Provide the following documents:

Department of Pediatrics Observership Application*

Department of Pediatrics Observership Application (Virtual)*

Proof of Flu and Covid-19 Vaccination

*Per the application, the sponsoring faculty must complete the bottom portion BEFORE submitting to the coordinator. Not doing so can result in a dely in the processing of your application. 


Important Information:

  • It is the Observer’s responsibility to choose and contact their potential sponsor (faculty member that is sponsoring observer).
  • Observerships over 30 days in duration will require approval from the Department and Medical Staffing.
    • The 30 days are calculated by month, not days: Ex. If you are observing 3 days each month over 3 months, it will be calculated as 3 months, not 3 days.


Observer Fees

Fees are based on the program needs and schedule, but include charges (if applicable) for:


International Observers


Please visit UC Davis Global Health for more information

Visiting Scholars

Please visit International Affiliations for more information



The UC Davis Health observership programs are designed for currently practicing clinicians and is not suitable for students or individuals seeking residency opportunities or letters of recommendation. 

Please be advised that observers will not physically engage with any patients or advise on any cases. Observers will strictly be observing/shadowing our professional staff. Participation in our observership program does not have any bearing on pending or future internship/fellowship applications.



Jen Byberg - Pediatric Program Coordinator


Pediatric Division Support Staff