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Our Pediatric Team

The Department of Pediatrics has more than 300 staff, students, residents, fellows, volunteers and faculty dedicated to child health.

The department of pediatrics faculty and staff group photo, outdoors.

Administration Team

Brittney Phillips

Finance Manager
Phone: 916-734-5743
Email: brphillips@ucdavis.edu

Brooke Trifeletti

Human Resources and Academic Personnel Manager
Phone: 916-734-3891
Email: batrifeletti@ucdavis.edu

Chris Cacho

Research Finance Manager
Phone: 916-734-6236
Email: cacacho@ucdavis.edu

Pamela Roualdes

Executive Assistant
Phone: 916-734-5178
Email: proualdes@ucdavis.edu

Lebanos Adnan

Human Resource Assistant and Administrative Assistant Supervisor
Phone: 916-734-4069
Email: ladnan@ucdavis.edu

Anjelica Anderson

Academic Personnel Analyst III
Phone: 916-734-3308
Email: abdupar@ucdavis.edu

Shelina Bali

Finance Analyst III
Email: shbali@ucdavis.edu

Tara Bradley

Post-Award Research Analyst
Phone: 916-734-1429
Email: tbbradley@ucdavis.edu

Kimberly Buckner

Post-Award Research Analyst
Phone : 916-734-5125
Email: kabuckner@ucdavis.edu

Jessica Fleck

Academic HR Analyst II
Phone: 916-734-3891
Email: jfleck@ucdavis.edu

Jerrina Jackson

Post-Award Research Analyst
Phone: 916-734-5392
Email: jsjjackson@ucdavis.edu

Destiny Jewel

Purchasing Analyst
Phone: 916-734-3908
Email: djewel@ucdavis.edu

Helen Le

Academic Analyst II
Phone: 916-734-2295
Email: hlnle@ucdavis.edu

Marcy Medina

Financial Analyst III
Phone: 916-734-1099
Email: marmedina@ucdavis.edu

Ashley Tamayo

Finance Analyst III
Phone: 916-734-2921
Email: ashtamayo@ucdavis.edu

Bob Villanueva

Payroll/Finance Analyst
Phone: 916-734-6138
Email: rvillanueva@ucdavis.edu

Juan Trujano

Department IT Manager
Phone: 916-734-0308
Email: jctrujano@ucdavis.edu

Scott Ota

Computer Resource Specialist
Phone: 916-734-0308
Email: sota@ucdavis.edu

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