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Pediatric Specialties

Our faculty physicians and researchers collaborate to provide clinical care, advance discoveries and teach future pediatricians.

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  • Adolescent Medicine

    Our adolescent medicine subspecialty focuses on impacting wellness by improving mental and physical health through adolescent-centered treatment. We serve families in Sacramento and the surrounding communities, providing treatment for complex medical and behavioral needs of adolescent and young adult (AYA) patients who are generally between the ages of 10 to 26 years old.

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  • Pediatric Allergy, Immunology and Rheumatology

    Our faculty physicians in pediatric allergy, immunology and rheumatology offer comprehensive inpatient and outpatient services for allergic conditions and disorders of the immune system in infants, children and teens. Equally important, our faculty perform research that contributes to greater understanding of immunological disorders and provide clinical training to medical students, residents and fellows.

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  • CAARE Diagnostic and Treatment Center

    The CAARE (Child and Adolescent Abuse Resource and Evaluation) Diagnostic and Treatment Center is recognized nationally as a model program for the evaluation and treatment of abused and neglected children as well as training of mental health providers in empirically-based treatments.

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  • Pediatric Cardiology

    Our pediatric cardiologists provide care to children with congenital and acquired heart disease at the UC Davis Pediatric Heart Center, a family-centered environment. We collaborate closely with a multidisciplinary team of pediatric heart surgeons, critical care physicians, anesthesiologists, and nurses — all committed to outstanding patient outcomes for children with complex heart diseases.

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  • Pediatric Critical Care Medicine

    Our pediatric critical care faculty physicians are part of multidisciplinary teams at UC Davis Children’s Hospital delivering care to the most critically ill and injured children in Sacramento and the surrounding regions. Additionally, faculty carry out leading-edge research to advance patient care and are dedicated to educating the next generation of leaders in pediatric medicine.

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  • Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics

    Our pediatricians are part of a multidisciplinary team that provide diagnostic and ongoing care for children with neurodevelopmental disabilities and developmental delays. Faculty are also involved in numerous neurodevelopmental research studies and are dedicated to teaching future pediatricians, leaders and advocates for children’s health.

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  • Pediatric Endocrinology

    Our pediatric endocrinology faculty physicians provide state-of-the-art care for children with diabetes and endocrine disorders in Sacramento and the surrounding regions and are acknowledged as national and international experts in research related to the specialty. They also contribute to training the next generation of highly skilled pediatric endocrinologists.

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  • Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition

    Based in Sacramento at the UC Davis Children’s Hospital, our pediatric gastroenterology and nutrition specialists provide medical care and treatment for children and their families throughout Northern California. We diagnose and manage compels gastrointestinal (digestive) disorders and nutritional problems in infants and children. Our team of physicians, nurses, nutritionists and dieticians use a comprehensive, multidisciplinary treatment approach.

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  • General Pediatrics

    Our general pediatrics faculty are committed to advancing child health in Sacramento and surrounding regions through excellence in patient care, education and research. Our general pediatricians are part of integrated, multidisciplinary teams of patients, families, medical and surgical specialty providers, mental health providers, schools, and other government and non-governmental agencies that promote child health from birth through adolescence and the transition to young adulthood.

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  • Pediatric Genomic Medicine

    Genomics is the study of all genes in the genome including their interactions with each other and with environmental factors. Genomic medicine involves using this information to improve health outcomes for individuals with genetic disorders. Our pediatric geneticists and genetic counselors work closely with families and their children, with an emphasis on improving quality of life through family-centered clinical care, research, and education.

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  • Pediatric Hematology-Oncology

    Our pediatric hematologists and oncologists diagnose and treat a wide range of cancer and blood disorders. Our specialists are committed to helping children, teens and young adult patients in Sacramento and beyond have access to expert care and leading-edge research close to home. Our specialists are also involved in improving outcomes for patients by participating in the development of better treatments.

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  • Pediatric Hospital Medicine

    Our Pediatric Hospital Medicine physicians lead our pediatric inpatient care team serving children in our community and region who are admitted to the hospital with illnesses and chronic, complex diseases. Our faculty are leaders in education, quality improvement, research, and the care of hospitalized children.

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  • Pediatric Infectious Diseases

    Our pediatric infectious disease team works closely with all other pediatric divisions and areas in the hospital to provide consultation and care for children with suspected or confirmed infectious diseases. We assist with evaluation, diagnosis, and management of children both in the inpatient setting as well as in our outpatient clinic.

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  • Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine

    Our neonatology faculty physicians deliver expert care to all infants admitted to the nationally ranked Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at UC Davis Children’s Hospital. In addition to clinical care, our faculty provide cutting edge research on health problems facing infants, and educate the next generation of physicians, nurses, and nurse practitioners who specialize in neonatal-perinatal medicine.

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  • Pediatric Nephrology

    Our multidisciplinary team of pediatric nephrologists, nurse specialists, social workers and nutrition experts, among others, provide care to children with congenital and acquired kidney and urologic diseases to help optimize their health and quality of life. We engage in scholarly, educational and service activities, all focused on improving the health and well being of children with a variety of kidney diseases, those who are receiving dialysis and those who have received kidney transplants.

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  • Pediatric Pulmonology

    Our multidisciplinary team is comprised of board-certified pediatric pulmonologists, clinical nurses, respiratory therapists, clinical pharmacists, dietitians and social workers. We provide comprehensive outpatient and inpatient consultations, follow-ups, and diagnostic services for a wide variety of respiratory and sleep conditions in infants, children, and adolescents.

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