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Adolescent Medicine

Our adolescent medicine team focuses on care, research and training targeting the unique health needs of patients from ages 10-26.

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Our faculty physicians incorporate the unique physical, psychological, social and developmental needs of adolescents and young adults in their care.

Our adolescent medicine subspecialty focuses on impacting wellness by improving mental and physical health through adolescent-centered treatment. We serve families in Sacramento and the surrounding communities, providing services that holistically address and comprehensively treat the complex medical and behavioral needs of our adolescent and young adult (AYA) patients, who are generally between the ages of 10 to 26 years old.

Research Activities

Our research involves adolescent identity formation and wellness. The behavioral patterns that are developed during adolescence (10-17 years old) and young adulthood (18-26 years old) strongly influence not only their health status during these stages, but also long-term risk for developing chronic illness across the lifespan.

It is during the adolescent and young adult period that we see the initiation and/or peaking of many significant health and socio-emotional problems, including mental health disorders, nutritional and weight related disorders, reproductive health conditions related to hormonal and infectious etiologies, substance experimentation and use disorders, undesired teen pregnancies, as well as concerns in the home environment, behavioral and academic challenges.

Our research aims to provide effective solutions to help adolescents build health behaviors that support them during this transition so they can become thriving and resilient young adults.

Academic Programs

Our faculty are involved in the pediatric residency program as well as UC Davis School of Medicine’s K-12 outreach program, which brings greater exposure to pathways into health careers for young students in the community. 

Adolescent Medicine Services

Our adolescent-centered services include treatment and management of:

  • Nutritional and energy imbalance disorders
  • Reproductive and sexual health care needs
  • Adolescent mental health
  • Gender health care
  • Dermatologic care
  • Adolescent and young adult transition and chronic illness support

Our specialty clinics include:

  • Adolescent medicine consult clinic, including reproductive and mental health services
  • Eating disorders and nutritional imbalances clinic
  • Comprehensive fatty liver clinic
  • Multidisciplinary adolescent PCOS clinic
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For academic or faculty-related questions, e.g., information about the adolescent medicine fellowship or our research activities, please call our academic office phone number.

For referring physicians, please call our patient referrals phone number for assistance with adolescent medicine services.

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