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Pediatric Infectious Disease Research

  • Dean Blumberg, M.D.

    Dr. Blumberg conducts research relating to the prevention of infections such as clinical studies involving childhood vaccines and infection control. Interests include the prevention of infections including vaccine studies and infection prevention, COVID-19, and epidemiology of vaccine-preventable diseases.


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  • Ritu Cheema, M.B.B.S., F.A.A.P.

    Interests include the safety and efficacy of newer antibiotics developed against resistant bacteria in children, the safety and efficacy of RSV vaccine administered to pregnant mothers in decreasing RSV disease in their babies, and increasing awareness and improving work flow in terms of timely diagnosis and treatment of congenital CMV.


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  • Daniel Scott Dodson, M.D., M.S.

    My primary research interest involves optimizing antimicrobial stewardship in all hospital settings, including in critical access hospitals and among pediatric patients. Through the LEAP fellowship, I recently collaborated with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment to conduct a mixed-methods study evaluating stewardship programs in community hospitals in the state of Colorado including barriers, resource gaps, extension of stewardship to pediatrics, and the effect of COVID-19 on stewardship programs. Using this data as a guide, we are working to fill these resource gaps to optimize care of adults and children in all hospital settings. I have also done research on other issues related to pediatric antimicrobial stewardship including treatment Enterococcus gallinarum and Enterococcus casseliflavus bacteremia in immunocompromised patients and management of Streptococcus anginosus intracranial infections.


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  • Natasha A. Nakra, M.D., M.S.

    Interests include antimicrobial stewardship, multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children, medical education.


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  • Elizabeth Helen Partridge, M.S., M.D., M.P.H.

    Interests include infection prevention with emphasis on quality improvement initiatives.


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