Sanjay Jhawar, M.D. - PubMed

Dr. Jhawar studies pulmonary morbidity in children with systemic lupus erythematosus and other connective disorder; leukocyte chemotaxis; and chronic pulmonary inflammation.

Kiran Nandalike, M.D. - PubMed

Dr. Nandalike’s active projects include the utility of limited sleep studies in the inpatient pediatric setting along with sleep apnea and sleep quality screening in pediatric cystic fibrosis patients.

Dr. Nandalike is the pediatric director for the TDN (therapeutic development network) research network, which conducts various cystic fibrosis related clinical trials. They currently finished recruiting patients for Vertex 445 clinical trial and are currently recruiting patients for AeroVanc phase 3 clinical trial.

Kent Pinkerton, M.D. - PubMed

Dr. Pinkerton’s research interests are in air pollution and early perinatal development.  Exposure to secondhand smoke and e-cigarette vapors are active areas of research.  Environmental exposures in atopic mothers during pregnancy are underway to examine cardiorespiratory and neurological consequences in offspring.