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Research Leadership and Staff

  • Alice Tarantal, Ph.D.

    Vice Chair, Pediatric Translational Research

    Dr. Tarantal’s research program includes the following areas of translational research:

    • Gene therapy and somatic cell gene editing
    • Stem and progenitor cell therapies / Regenerative Medicine
    • Fetal: Pediatric models of human disease
    • Fetal: maternal microchimerism and precision models
    • In vivo translational imaging applications

    Stem/Progenitor cell projects focus on hematopoietic, mesenchymal, endothelial, and pluripotent stem cells for tissue regeneration and repair, transplantation, and tissue engineering.

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  • James Marcin, M.D., M.P.H.

    Vice Chair, Pediatric Clinical Research

    Dr. James Marcin completed his pediatric critical care fellowship at the Children’s National Medical Center in Washington D.C. He also completed a masters degree in public health at the George Washington University.

    Dr. Marcin conducts research on a variety of public health issues in pediatric emergency and critical care medicine, including quality of care, severity of illness measures and telemedicine. His recent research has focused on how telemedicine can be used to address disparities in access to pediatric subspecialty care, improve the patient-centeredness of care, increase quality of care, and reduce overall healthcare costs. He currently is the director of the largest pediatric tele-emergency network in the country.

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Christine Feller, R.D., C.C.R.P.
Pediatric Clinical Research Manager

Erika Bickel, C.C.R.P.
Pediatric Senior Clinical Research Coordinator

Rosa Pesavento, C.C.R.P.
Pediatric Senior Clinical Research Coordinator

Ana Bernal
Pediatric Clinical Research Coordinator

Salvador (Chava) Lopez
Pediatric Clinical Research Coordinator

Iesha Miller, M.H.A.
Pediatric Clinical Research Coordinator

Michele Persiani
Staff Research Associate III

Asia Almirol
Pediatric Clinical Research Coordinator Supervisor
916-734-6606 |

Wendy Lashway, C.C.R.P.
Pediatric Senior Clinical Research Coordinator
916-734-2780 |

Maressa Rodriguez
Pediatric Clinical Research Coordinator
916-734-3213 |

Abigail Moradel Higareda
Pediatric Clinical Research Coordinator

Ellery Santos
Pediatric Clinical Research Coordinator

Melissa Heys
Pediatric Assistant Clinical Research Coordinator

Hazel Biag
Pediatric Staff Research Associate II

Ray Dizon
Pediatric Telehealth Research Manager

Elva Horath
Pediatric Telehealth Research Analyst

Katherine Rominger, R.D.N.
Pediatric Telehealth Research Analyst

Audriana Ketchersid
Pediatric Telehealth Project Policy Analyst