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Faculty Research Interests

Donald M. Bers, Ph.D.

Cardiac muscle electrophysiology, calcium dynamics and contractile regulation: Molecules to Heart.

Julie Bossuyt, D.V.M., Ph.D.

Cellular and molecular mechanisms of cardiac plasticity and disease.

Chao-Yin Chen, Ph.D.

Central neuroplasticity in cardiovascular regulation.

Ye Chen-Izu, Ph.D.

Cellular and molecular mechanisms of heart disease and biophysics of the cardiac muscle excitation, contraction coupling.

Yi-Je (Jay) Chen, D.V.M., Ph.D.

Potassium channels in ischemic stroke and neuroinflammation.

Nipavan Chiamvimonvat, M.D.

Functional roles of different isoforms of cardiac calcium channels using combined techniques of transgenic mouse models, gene silencing and patch-clamp recordings.

Colleen E. Clancy, Ph.D.

Computational approaches to reveal mechanisms of excitability in the heart and brain.

Elva Diaz, Ph.D.

Functional genomics of nervous system development.

Angela Gelli Ph.D.

Virulence determinants of fungal pathogenesis.

Eleonora Grandi, Ph.D.

Cellular mechanisms of complex cardiac arrhythmia diseases, such as heart failure and atrial fibrillation.

Johannes Hell, Ph.D.

Molecular basis of synaptic plasticity and the role of signaling complexes.

Mary C. Horne, Ph.D.

Unconventional cyclin function during cellular growth, differentiation and stress responses.

Richard Horuk, Ph.D.

Chemokine receptors as therapeutic targets both for autoimmunity and for the treatment of malaria.

Leighton Izu, Ph.D.

Dynamics and stability of the cardiac control system.

Anne Knowlton, Ph.D.

Understanding the role of protein localization and post-translational modification of heat shock proteins (HSPs) and the estrogen receptor in cardiovascular disease.

Manuel Navedo, Ph.D.

Mechanisms of excitation - contraction and excitation - transcription coupling in arterial myocytes.

Crystal Ripplinger, Ph.D.

Mechanisms of cardiac arrhythmias; cardiovascular molecular imaging.

Michael A. Rogawski, M.D., Ph.D.

Cellular neurophysiology of ion channels; neurological therapeutics, with an emphasis on antiepileptic drugs and other epilepsy treatment approaches; treatment of traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic epilepsy.

Daisuke Sato, Ph.D.

Mathematical modeling of action potential and calcium cycling. Nonlinear dynamics of cardiac phenomena including alternans, early and delayed afterdepolarizations, Ca sparks, Ca waves.

David Segal, Ph.D.

Engineering zinc finger DNA-binding proteins for diagnostics and gene therapy.

Heike Wulff, Ph.D.

Potassium channel modulators for the treatment of autoimmune and cardiovascular disease.

Yang K. Xiang, Ph.D.

Neurohormonal regulation of GPCR signaling in heart failure and Alzheimer's diseases.