Degree and Residency Requirements

Degree Requirements

The Master of Public Health program enrolls one class per year, beginning in August. The program is organized so that medical or veterinary medical students can enroll by interrupting their training between the second and third, or third and fourth years. Students may also enroll after the completion of their fourth year.   Students must maintain at least a B- (2.7) grade in each core course AND a GPA of at least 3.0 for all core courses combined AND a GPA of at least 3.0 for all courses combined that are applied to the M.P.H. degree. If they fall below this threshold, they will be placed on academic probation and will have the opportunity to either repeat the course the following year or take an alternate course with the approval of the Program Director. Students on academic probation for two consecutive quarters may be dismissed from the program.

Students can earn their M.P.H. degree in epidemiology, or general public health. The course of study for the M.P.H. program involves a required core curriculum and elective courses. In addition, students complete a public health practicum. Of the 56 quarter units required for the M.P.H., 40 units are for core requirements, 10 units are for the practicum, and the remaining 16 units are for electives.

Residency Requirements

Upon matriculation in the program, M.P.H. degree candidates are expected to be in residence at UC Davis and to complete the degree within 24 months. However, leaves may be granted for reasons such as illness, family needs, and academic necessity. Students who do not register and fail to have a leave approved by the Program Director are not guaranteed readmission at a later date.

Dual and Joint Degrees

The UC Davis School of Medicine has established a Masters of Public Health degree program that students can pursue in conjunction with the MD degree. This is not a concurrent program. Most typically the M.P.H. portion of this program is taken immediately following the completion of the second year of after the third-year clinical clerkships. A directed focus in public health is viewed as a natural extension of the School of Medicine mission in the training of primary care physicians.