Pediatric Heart Center finds new home on Cadillac Drive


A colorful new clinic location for pediatric cardiology patients opened Monday in the Campus Commons neighborhood of Sacramento. The clinic was formerly located at the Glassrock building.

Led by co-directors and physicians Frank Ing and Gary Raff, the Pediatric Heart Center offers comprehensive care including pediatric cardiology, echocardiography, preoperative clearance, cardiac surgery pre op/post op care, pulmonary hypertension and the adult congenital heart disease program. With patients ranging from birth to adulthood, care caters to diverse patient needs.

The new location will also add onsite Holter monitoring services, a type of portable electrocardiogram. Patients will greatly benefit from this as it can eliminate the need for hospital visits.

The new peds clinic is located at 77 Cadillac Drive, Suite 101, in Sacramento—just off Fair Oaks Blvd. and Howe Ave. It shares the same building as UC Davis Health’s Eye Services location and is nearby the Campus Commons Clinic.

The design team thoughtfully placed certain murals to help with wayfinding. They plan to call one side of the clinic "bird side" and the other "tiger side."

The suite is 8,603 square feet with a total of 64 spaces that includes 10 exam rooms, three echocardiogram rooms, and five offices. The green and blue accent paint complements vibrant jungle-themed art murals in the clinic waiting room and hallways, created by local artist Kerri Warner.

“I’m thrilled about the launch of the new Pediatric Cardiology Cadillac location,” said Interim Practice Manager and Cardiovascular Manager for the Pediatric Heart Center Farnaz Bi. “It was wonderful to collaborate with an exceptional team to ensure a successful transition from Glassrock to our new location.”

It was wonderful to collaborate with an exceptional team to ensure a successful transition from Glassrock to our new location.”Farnaz Bi, Cardiovascular Manager, Pediatric Heart Center

A unique department within the UC Davis Health system, the Pediatric Heart Center operates as a hybrid inpatient/outpatient department. The structure enables specialized care not only at the Cadillac location but also at satellite sites in Redding, Davis, Roseville and Chico—ensuring accessibility to patients across our network.

“This clinic will allow for expansion of services provided by the UC Davis Children’s Hospital Pediatric Heart Center,” said Ann Tompkins, director of Ambulatory Operations, Women’s and Children’s Services. “We are very proud of this project. When designing this clinic space with the team, a lot of time and thought went into the planning. We wanted to ensure the environment in the clinic was warm and friendly for the children and young adults we serve.”

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