General information

Medical center needs for supplies and services are satisfied via complimentary systems whose sole aim is ease of use. Routine, recurring needs for expendable patient care supplies are met through the use of par and exchange carts. Both cart types are managed by the Distribution Department. carts are located within patient care areas of the main hospital complex and immediately surrounding clinics. Supplies that are consumed are replenished on an automatic basis, thus freeing the health care provider to perform other, direct patient care tasks. All other needs are satisfied by use of an online ordering system. The online ordering system enables authorized users to either order supplies directly from specialty warehouses or by the electronic submission of purchase requisitions to the purchasing department. In all instances, behind the scene processes are working to ensure that supplies are available for customer use in a timely manner, vendors are paid, and that expense information is posted to appropriate accounts.

Customer satisfaction

Although presented simply, the systems and processes employed within the material management function are highly sophisticated and complex. Customers are encouraged to contact the Purchasing Department should any questions arise.

New users

Access rights and privileges to the online ordering system are centrally managed within the Purchasing Department. Individual staff member access to the system is either authorized or revoked by their department manager. Requests for access or revocation may be prepared and submitted online using the IT Service Catalog. Please note that department manager approval of all requests involving the Eclipsys system is mandatory. Initial training of new users as well as refreshment training is available on an individual or group basis. Training may be arranged by contacting the Purchasing Department. Online training material is also available for downloading by staff members using a UC Davis Medical Center network workstation.

Order books

Order books are online groupings of frequently and repetitively ordered supplies. The items consist of both stock (ordered from a specialty warehouse) and non-stock (purchased by the Purchasing Department) items. Order books enable system users to simply open individually tailored order books, enter the quantity of the item desired and file the transaction. The online ordering system automatically creates and routes a demand document – inventory orders to the appropriate warehouse or purchase requisitions to the Purchasing Department for action. Other data points within the system direct delivery of the ordered supply to its appropriate deliver to address. Order books may be created or modified by submission of order book change requests using the form provided in the section entitled, "Online Forms and Training Material."

Item records

Item records are collections of information needed to define, manage and purchase items that are ordered on a repetitive basis. Order books are a collection of item records. Users who need a particular item or supply on a recurring basis and desire the ease and simplicity of ordering the item on a point-and-click basis are encouraged to request an item record be established. The information needed to accomplish the cataloging function, i.e. creating a new item record, needs to be recorded on a catalog request form and submitted to the Purchasing Department. The form may be downloaded from UC Davis Medical Center network workstations using the link provided in the section entitled, "Online Forms and Training Material."

Approval routing

Approval routing enables department managers, or other delegated individuals, the ability to review inventory orders and/or purchase requisitions prepared by staff members ordering supplies and services for the department. Once approved, the inventory order or purchase requisition is automatically routed to the appropriate warehouse or buying staff for action. System settings needed to implement approval routing are crafted on a custom basis upon the direct request of a department manager.

Ad hoc reporting

Information and reports are available through the use of online output applications, or specifically requested and tailored reports. Online output applications are generally suited to provide routine information of a general nature. Management needs for specific reports, however, are provided on an individually requested basis. Individually prepared ad hoc reports may be requested by contacting one of the point-of-contacts listed in the frequently used telephone numbers section.

Online forms and training material

Online forms and training material – This page can only be accessed from UC Davis Medical Center network computers only.