Crystal Ripplinger, Ph.D.

Crystal M. Ripplinger, Ph.D.






  • Vice Chair for Research & Administration, Department of Pharmacology
  • Professor, Department of Pharmacology


Genome and Biomedical Sciences Building

451 Health Sciences Drive, Suite 3503
Davis, CA 95616
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Twitter: @RipplingerLab

Research/Academic Interests

Dr. Ripplinger's research focuses on cardiac arrhythmias and autonomic control of heart rhythm. Her lab uses state-of-the-art optical imaging and neuromodulatory approaches in animal models of cardiovascular disease to assess the impact of neural inputs to the heart.



Center/Program Affiliation

Cardiovascular Services


M.S., Washington University, St. Louis MO

Ph.D., Washington University, St. Louis MO

B.S., North Dakota State University, Fargo ND

Professional Memberships

Graduate Group Affiliations: Biomedical Engineering Graduate Group

Molecular Cellular & Integrative Physiology Graduate Group

Pharmacology and Toxicology Graduate Group

Honors and Awards

UC Davis Faculty Leadership Academy, 2022

University of California Women's Initiative (UCWI), 2020

Fellow of the American Heart Association (FAHA), 2019

HHMI Gilliam Fellow Faculty Mentor, 2018

Fellow of the Heart Rhythm Society (FHRS), 2016

Select Recent Publications

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Grandi E, Ripplinger CM. Antiarrhythmic mechanisms of beta blocker therapy. Pharmacol Res. 2019 Aug;146:104274. doi:10.1016/j.phrs.2019.104274. Epub 2019 May 14. PMID:31100336.

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