Armed servicesThe Veteran Employee Association's mission is to serve as a campus veteran resource that fosters unity and advocates on behalf of veteran staff, faculty and students in an effort to increase the presence, visibility and advocacy of the University of California, Davis Health veterans, service members and their families. We work to bring about a broad-based awareness, promote a shared environment of sensitivity and understanding, and encourage excellence and advancement at all levels within the UC Davis Health community


Hello fellow Veterans,

We know that these times are difficult, stressful and awkward. Facing uncertainty can take its toll on us all, and while we are sometimes comforted by the idea that we are going through this together, sometimes we need more than that. We’ve wrangled together a few resources for you that may be helpful.


The Health Equity, Diversity and Inclusion [HEDI] office offers online resources and they also host various sessions like the weekly Thursday sessions. Please visit the site and explore all of things that the HEDI office has available to you. But wait! There’s more…

Did you know that this pandemic can be a traumatic and scary event? It’s true – so, we wanted to bring these additional resources regarding post-traumatic stress that may help. We will continue to bring you additional resources as we find them, or when we are given a tip about something that has been helpful to others.

Please share with us anything that you know of or have found that has proven helpful to you – the more that we share with each other means that we may be helping someone navigate their way through a difficult time in their lives.


National Center for PTSD: Understanding PTSD and PTSD Treatment

PTSD resources from the Veterans Affairs 


Thank you for your service!


Information about UC Davis Health Veterans Day (PDF).

Veteran Self-Identification

Self-identify your veteran status via UCPath – Employees are asked to self-identify their protected veteran status to help us measure the effectiveness of outreach and recruitment efforts. The response you provide will not be used as the basis for any employment decision affecting you.

For more information about the self-ID campaign, see the link here.

You can complete the form (PDF) and submit to Marian Brotzman at mebrotzman@ucdavis.edu or mail to HEDI, ASB, Suite 2800.


To learn more about the Veteran Employee Resource Group, contact Jim Marchetti or Arnaldo Silva, see contact information below.

Career Information for Veterans at the University of California

UC Veteran Events and Opportunities

UC Davis Campus, Veteran Constituency Group

US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)

Veteran Affairs (CALVET)

Veteran Affairs Center, Sacramento

Veteran Affairs Center, Citrus Heights

State of California, Employment Development Department (EDD)

Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW)

American Legion (AL)

American Vets (AMVETS)

Team Rubicon

Team Red White and Blue


Chair: Jim Marchetti, US Navy Veteran - jrmarchetti@ucdavis.edu  

Vice Chair: Joseph Cawood, US Air Force Veteran -  jmcawood@ucdavis.edu

Secretary: James M. Legarreta, US Army Veteran - jmlegarreta@ucdavis.edu

Treasurer: Miles Thorne, US Navy Veteran - mathorne@ucdavisedu

Outreach Coordinator and Liaison: Fernando Lazaro, US Air Force Veteran - flazaro@ucdavis.edu

ex officio: Marian Brotzman, US Navy Veteran - mebrotzman@ucdavis.edu