A weekly writing group for those touched by cancer

writing as healingIn keeping with its mission of meeting the many needs of patients – including the need for self-expression and inner healing – the UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center offers Writing As Healing, a workshop for patients, caregivers, staff and health-care providers. Anyone dealing with issues of illness, disability or recovery is welcome.

Writing shapes,
molds and recasts
human experiences.

Write in a supportive community

Writing with others is inspirational, fun and healing. Come join with us as we write together and share our voices.

No experience in creative writing is required. The intention of the workshop is to create a sense of freedom and excitement about writing. We are all writers. Discover and share with us your way and your voice.

Expressive Writing:
Reduces stress
Decreases symptoms
Strengthens immune systems
Shortens recovery periods
Improves family relationships


For more information email the team.