Amy Yokoyama

Dr. Yokoyama has a decade of experience in translational research, the majority of which is based in the UC Davis research community. In 2012, she received her B.S. in Nutrition Science from UC Davis, during which she explored her budding passion for research by working in a variety of research laboratories, including those of Drs. Bruce German, Marta Van Loan, Kevin Laugero, and Nancy Keim. She obtained her Ph.D. in Nutritional Biology with an emphasis in Genetics from UC Davis in 2017 in the laboratory of Dr. John Rutledge. She utilized in vitro studies and in vivo studies in rodents to analyze the impact of a Western diet on DNA methylation profiles in the brain and its association with neuroinflammation and cognitive decline. Following the awarding of her degree, she spent 5.5 years with The Jackson Laboratory, where she managed the operations of the Humanized mouse production colony.

Throughout her career, Dr. Yokoyama has cultivated a passion for integrating basic research with relevant clinical endpoints. She believes that this is best achieved through collaboration and development of long-lasting relationships between researchers. As such, she is excited to contribute to this effort within the UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center as a Translational Research Manager.