Photo of Nakra with child

Children can contract bacterial, viral, parasitic or fungal infections involving the stomach, intestinal tract, respiratory system, ears, eyes or skin, as well as sexually transmitted diseases. Parents of children with serious infectious diseases can turn with confidence to the UC Davis Children's Hospital, which has several of Sacramento's only pediatric infectious disease medical specialists.

The Division of Infectious Diseases at UC Davis Children's Hospital specializes in treating infants, children and adolescents who have contracted infectious diseases such as:

UC Davis Children's Hospital infectious disease specialists coordinate patient care with physicians from other disciplines, notably hematology and oncology. Hematologists (who treat blood and bleeding disorders) and oncologists (who treat cancer patients). Infectious disease physicians provide consultation and treatment for organ transplant patients who are susceptible to infections as a result of suppression of their immune systems.

Physicians specializing in infectious diseases also perform clinical research studies with new vaccine and HIV treatments.