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Adolescent and young adult clinics

The goal of our adolescent and young adult clinics is to impact wellness by improving mental and physical health through adolescent-centered treatment. We provide services to holistically address and comprehensively treat the complex medical and behavioral needs of our adolescent and young adult patients.

Our specialty clinics require a physician referral to be seen by one of our specialists.  

  • Adolescent medicine consult clinic

    DIRECTED BY: Laura Kester Prakash, M.D., Adolescent Medicine

    Our adolescent and young adult patients have unique health needs that set them apart from the general pediatric population. Behavioral patterns developed during adolescence and young adulthood strongly influences their health status during these stages but also affect long-term risk for developing chronic illness across the lifespan.

    Our clinic provides care for:

    • Mental health disorders
    • Nutritional and weight-related disorders
    • Reproductive health conditions
    • Substance experimentation and use disorders
    • Teen pregnancies
    • Concerns in the home environment
    • Behavioral and academic challenges
    • Accidents leading to life-threatening injuries

    This clinic is open to all adolescent and young adult referrals, including but not limited to consults for Adolescent Reproductive Health Services and Adolescent Mental Health Services.

  • Eating disorders and nutritional imbalances clinic

    DIRECTED BY: Laura Kester Prakash, M.D., Adolescent Medicine

    This specialty clinic works to provide patients with a comprehensive assessment and personalized outpatient treatment plan that incorporates parents and guardians to achieve nutritional adequacy and medical stabilization for eating disorders.

    This clinic also works closely with community providers to ensure that patients receive the appropriate psychological support necessary to return patients to their maximum function and quality of life.

  • Comprehensive fatty liver clinic

    CO-DIRECTED BY: Sindhura Batchu, M.D., Pediatric Gastroenterology and Laura Kester Prakash, M.D. Adolescent Medicine

    The comprehensive fatty liver clinic provides carefully developed clinical management approaches that not only address the medical needs of these patients, but provides a personalized, developmentally age-appropriate strategy to adequately support the nutritional, psychosocial, and behavioral aspects that often intersect to increase a patient’s risk for disease onset as well as disease complication.

  • Multidisciplinary adolescent PCOS clinic

    CO-DIRECTED BY: Armaiti Mody, M.D., Pediatric Endocrinology and Laura Kester Prakash, M.D., Adolescent Medicine

    The multidisciplinary adolescent PCOS clinic is specifically designed to allow patients access to experts in the treatment of endocrine, reproductive and nutritional disorders, including polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), to ensure a comprehensive assessment and a management plan.

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