UC Davis Health is dedicated to educating the next generation of nursing professionals and leaders. Our goal is to provide high quality educational experiences for students in undergraduate and graduate nursing programs. Our health system supports regional schools of nursing and over 1100 nursing student placements each year.

Nursing faculty and students can click the links below to find details on the required forms and instructions for submitting requests for clinical placements, preceptorships, or observational placement. UC Davis staff will find links to unit-based placements, course objectives and student skills sets.

Nursing clinical rotations

UC Davis Health welcomes you and your students to our facilities for their educational preparation. The links below will provide you with the necessary documentation and educational resources for your student placements. These resources are for nursing schools with established clinical rotation agreements.

Nursing preceptorships

Preceptorships offer an excellent opportunity for academic and professional growth by providing focused mentoring. Preceptorship placement is limited and cannot be guaranteed. We are unable to place students in a preceptorship if they are not a current UC Davis Health employee or if they are not affiliated with our regional schools of nursing. Current UC Davis Health employees can fill out the appropriate application below. Once the application has been submitted, the school liaison will notify the requestor of potential preceptorship availability and clearance requirements. Please refer to the preceptorship requirements. Allow up to 2 months for full preceptorship clearance. Students affiliated with a regional Sacramento school should contact their school placement coordinator.

Student and faculty resources

School of Nursing student preceptor nomination form

The Star Preceptor Award is a form of recognition for preceptors who precept nursing students participating in their final Capstone hours. Exemplary and exceptional preceptors are nominated by the nursing student after completing the Star Preceptor Nomination form and submitting to Daniel Aquino, Misty Cahoon, and Amie Ragasa-Sta Maria (CPPN School Liaisons). The Star Preceptor is identified via group consensus after thorough review of all nominations by a group of facilitators and educators. Nominations call for exemplary and exceptional preceptors who can fulfill the key roles of a preceptor (facilitator, educator, and protector) during the preceptorship experience.

Staff resources

The links below will provide preceptors and staff with a list of what skills the students can and cannot do, course objectives, and a copy of their School of Nursing student handbook.


For questions about nursing clinical placements or preceptorships please e-mail the CPPN school liaison at hs-schoolliaison@ucdavis.edu.