HERO organizes, sponsors, and participates in ad-hoc and regular events and series to build skills and knowledge related to health equity and inclusion of diverse populations in research. Events are open to the public and free of charge.

  • The INSPIRE Mini-Medical School features clinicians and scientists sharing self-care fundamentals and implications for our health of the latest research into common chronic conditions, geared to the language, culture, and health concerns of our main stakeholder groups: children, adolescents and young adults, and older adults, as well as other populations underrepresented in research.
  • Lunch and Learn presentations by staff and faculty address the equity dimensions of the myriad elements of the research process, with topics such as data and data collection, forms of community participation, or strategies for retention of research participants in long-term studies. Health Dialogues are opportunities to bring the knowledge of local leaders and community partners to bear on health research, as community members and scientists engage in public dialogue on doing science in and with the community.

HERO also takes on big, multidimensional projects involving teams of professional and lay researchers, performers, and community leaders coming together around a topic of shared interest, such as dementia and dementia caregiving in communities of color, or the delivery of health care services in isolated rural areas.