Health Equity Resources

  • UC Davis and UC Davis Health bring together an unparalleled range of knowledge and experience to identify, classify, create, and share material supportive of health equity in research. In this section, you will find links to internal UC Davis resources, useful websites and datasets, tools and templates to make research participation more accessible to special populations across the life span, guidance for forming or joining a research advisory board, a compilation of items on health equity data, and strategies for searching databases and building tailored datasets.

  • UC Davis Library Guide: Health and Data Equity

    This guide provides links to recommended information resources for conducting health equity research, including search tools, databases, journals, and related library guides from UC Davis and other institutions. For more information about Blaisdell Medical Library or questions about library access for members of the public please visit the library website. For off-campus access see "Access VPN"

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  • Open Data Resources

    This guide is a great place to help to identify open data resources available to the public on the topic of Health Equity.  By open we mean that there is no IRB, UC Davis Health approval.  The data is likely to be de-identified and many sources can be categorized by geographic region or by stage of the lifespan.

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  • Recommended Websites

    A curated set of websites for health and data equity available to the public.  This resource includes government, community-based organizations, methodologies and more. 

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