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About Our Program

The UC Davis Biorepositories Core Resource serves as a cornerstone for biospecimen and biorepository information, education and facilitation of local banking efforts in an attempt to be consistent with best practices and standards. It assists in the development and implementation of organizational shared infrastructure for fostering clinical and basic science research integration and enhancing stewardship of resources among established and future biorepositories.

Our Mission

The mission of the Biorepositories Core Resource is to advance the UC Davis research community’s impact by facilitating biorepository core services using an interdisciplinary and interdepartmental collaborative approach, thus leveraging organizational infrastructure and resources to create the most productive, cost-efficient biospecimen management systems possible for the University.

Our Focus

  • Education, training and consultation on biospecimen and biobanking related policies and practices
  • Infrastructure to allow future UC Davis participation in emerging biobanking networks and consortiums
  • The ability of investigators to query a cross-catalog of UC Davis-banked samples from established biospecimen collections located throughout UC Davis (Virtual Biospecimen Database)
  • Identify residual blood samples (remnants) from clinical collections such as  blood draws, surgeries or procedures that would otherwise be discarded after clinical use
  • Identification of study-specific cohorts for potential tissue and blood sample collections (surgery or clinical procedures)

If you are a member of UC Davis Health and wish to participate in research by donating samples, please contact us at

Our Team