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Biospecimen Management Software

  • The Biorepository Core Resource in conjunction with the Clinical and Translational Science Center and UC Davis Health Research IT is proud to offer Freezerworks™ LIMS to UC Davis researchers.

    Freezerworks LIMS software provides a secure, customizable platform for managing research specimens of all types – from highly regimented clinical trial specimens to cell lines and viral vectors.  Freezerworks is compliant with HIPAA, 21CFR11, and CAP regulations and securely hosted on the UC Davis Health Citrix™ environment. 

  • Freezerwork Offerings

    • Configurable data fields – customized to your exact research needs
    • Barcode labels for error-free sample labeling
    • Easy to configure searches with multiple criteria – allowing researchers to zero in on the specimens that best fit their experimental design
    • Chain-of-custody documentation – whether checking samples out to a post-doc or shipping samples to collaborators, track exactly what was shipped, when, and how
    • Configurable data imports and exports – allow for the easy transfer of data between Freezerworks and other systems
    • Clinical trials management – model specimen collection for complex, highly regulated clinical trials to ensure that samples are collected per protocol while limiting deviations
    • Testing functions – allow larger labs to “order” tests and receive results in the system
    • Requisition, billing and recharge functions – allow biobanks to recoup costs by charging for specimens that are provided to collaborators in a structured and regulated format
  • Consultations

    Researchers often have questions about biospecimen collections when designing a study. Some biobanking questions can be easily answered in a short conversation with someone with experience and knowledge in biobanking at UC Davis. Whether you’re designing a new study, starting a disease-specific biobank, or you’ve inherited a biospecimen collection, we are here to help.

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