Clinical Research Recruitment

Successful research studies are built on the foundation of diligent recruitment, and that's where we come in. As a dedicated Clinical Trials Recruitment team, our purpose is to streamline the recruitment process for investigators and study teams, making it as efficient and effective as possible. We recognize that finding and enrolling the right participants is crucial to the success of your research, and we are committed to helping you achieve your goals. 

Services We Offer
  • Free Recruitment Consultation

    Ready to get your team on the path to success? We offer a free consultation to dive into your needs and serve up some personalized recommendations that will make you smile! Fill out our Intake Form to get things rolling.

  • Studypages

    Studypages is an all-in-one platform to recruit and manage research participants, providing a comprehensive portfolio of features in a user-friendly format. The  UC Davis Studypages gallery, team workspaces, and administrative dashboards all work together to engage people in research, communicate with participants and the team, and manage the participant through the clinical process. View our case study and this helpful overview to learn more.

  • EMR Resources for Recruitment

    Patient recruitment may be enhanced by Electronic Medical Record research features such as using the SlicerDicer tool to identify a cohort, creating study advertisements via MyUCDavisHealth (aka MyChart), creating alerts for eligible patients (called Best Practice Advisories or BPAs) and more. To learn more, please visit the EMR Research page.

  • Social Media Boosts

    Supercharge your clinical trial listings with our Social Media Boost service! Reach a wider audience, engage potential participants, and amplify your research's impact. Let's get your study in the spotlight!

  • Public Affairs and Marketing

    UC Davis Health's Public Affairs and Marketing team can assist with research-related marketing and communications activities. There are advertising and non-advertising resources to support your research needs. Examples of advertising resources include paid Facebook ads, digital banner ads, and print ads. Non-advertising resource examples are graphic standards (logos, fonts, colors, etc.), templates (fliers, brochures, slide decks, etc.), photography, internal communications, and news releases. Learn more at UC Davis Health Graphic Standards.

  • Recruitment Materials Design

    Do you need assistance with marketing materials? No problem. Our team can assist you with designing, ordering and printing of public-facing recruitment materials. Check out an example here.

  • Qualtrics Support

    The Clinical Trials Recruitment team can also help you with Qualtrics survey creation and configuration support. We'll help you design and optimize surveys, ensuring smooth data collection and powerful insights. Partner with us for a seamless Qualtrics experience in your clinical trials recruitment.

  • DocuSign Support

    Are you planning to use DocuSign to obtain electronic consent for your study? Our expert Clinical Trials Recruitment team will ensure a hassle-free experience in obtaining DocuSign access, setting up your documents, and providing ongoing support.

  • Recruitment of Diverse Populations

    Unlock the power of diversity in your research studies. We're here to brainstorm and develop strategies that resonate with a wide range of participants. Let's work together to ensure your research represents a diverse and inclusive community, making your study even more impactful. We can also connect you with other experts who can provide community engagement resources and consultation.

  • Coming Soon - Support

    In the near future, our team will offer consultation services for We will be able to help you with all aspects of registering and maintaining your clinical trial records on, including:

    • Creating and submitting new clinical trial records
    • Updating existing clinical trial records
    • Responding to reviewer feedback on clinical trial records
    • Ensuring compliance with requirements
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