• Photo of the Medical Center at UC Davis Health

    Brand Standards and Graphic Tools

Welcome to the UC Davis Health Brand Center. This toolkit is a resource to help all UC Davis Health employees with departmental marketing support and communications outreach.

At UC Davis Health, our brand reinforces the needs of our patients and community by promoting “health” at the center of all that we do. Our strong identity builds connections and supports how we engage with our patients, students, donors, supporters, and the community.

Our organization not only has significant presence in Northern California but also carries substantial authority in the worldwide medical community. And by maintaining a strong visual identity we are able to continue our prestigious work and uphold a strong presence in the health care market.

We all take pride in building our brand and how we represent ourselves to the community. To continue this growth and identity as a unit, this Brand Center will provide you with a variety of tools for your marketing needs including downloadable templates, brand logos, information on fonts and colors, digital use and more.