Apparel and Merchandise

Apparel and merchandise standards

When designing official apparel, use the UC Davis Health master logo. Even on apparel, logos cannot be altered, and you should not group text or other graphics with the primary logo. Any branded apparel other than scrubs or other promotional merchandise must be approved by Public Affairs and Marketing.

Lab coats and scrubs

Care must be given to each embroidered application. Proper thread count, material selection and fabric color should be carefully chosen. Fabrics with a tight weave are best for embroidery. The primary UC Davis Health logo should only be used on white fabric and should not be smaller than 1 in. in height.

When the logo must appear in one color only solid black, white, or UC Davis navy is approved. As an exception, the logo can appear in all gold embroidery on navy uniforms or scrubs.

UC Davis Health apparel examples

Event t-shirts

Event apparel is the perfect way to represent your team and UC Davis Health. T-shirt designs provide a prominent area to identify department names and sub-brands. All event t-shirts can be ordered through UC Davis Repro Graphics. Simply send your order request to asking for the UC Davis Health custom t-shirt. 

UC Davis Children's Hospital event t-shirts Note: T-shirts cannot be ordered in red and delivery of items can take up to 3-5 business days.

Promo items and event materials

All promo items and event materials such as t-shirts, table drapes, and retractable banners should be ordered through UC Davis Repro Graphics. For additional promotional item options, contact Public Affairs and Marketing at

UC Davis Health cup, notebook, pen, and lanyard