UC Davis Health Logos

The UC Davis Health logo is the most visible representation of our brand. To ensure consistent usage across the organization and all associated entities and sub-brands, please use the UC Davis Health logo in accordance with the following standards.

General Use

The primary brand signature is the most prominent representation of the UC Davis Health brand and represents the campus as a whole. It is configured to appear on its own or in conjunction with the range of sub-brands and units that comprise UC Davis Health. For printed marketing materials, the primary brand should always be the two-color (gold and navy) stacked logo, on a white background. Please do not create your own logos. Download the UC Davis Health logo.

UC Davis Health logo         UC Davis Health horizontal logo

Note: Please contact Public Affairs and Marketing to receive approval on using the horizontal logo.

Logo clear space and spacing requirements

Example of the logo spacing requirements It is always important to follow our spacing and clear space requirements. The minimum spacing requirement is 0.25 inches and should always be used when placing the primary or sub-brand logos into a printed design.

Example of the logo clear space requirementsProviding clear and uncluttered space around the logo helps the audience see it quickly and reinforces our brand. You can determine how much clear space should be provided around the signature by using the width of the "D" in UC Davis. Learn more about clear space and size requirements.

Sub-brand logo usage

Specific logo lock-ups are available for UC Davis Health sub-brands. The sub-brands include the Medical Center, Children’s Hospital, School of Medicine, the Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing, Comprehensive Cancer Center, the MIND Institute and the Rehabilitation Hospital.

Each logo is positioned in a specific size and spatial relationship. This relationship cannot be altered. The two-color (gold and navy) stacked logo, with the sub-brand in navy, on a white background, is the preferred usage of sub-brand logos. Download the sub-brand logos.

 Display of UC Davis Health sub-brand logos

 UC Davis Health Rehabilitation Hospital

Tertiary or department/unit type treatments

UC Davis Health’s brand standards do not include custom program or center logos other than the primary and sub-brand logos. It instead relies on the strength of the overall UC Davis Health brand.

UC Davis Health tertiary brand example          UC Davis Health tertiary brand example

Individual entities falling under the UC Davis Health brand or sub-brands are provided a typographic solution that allows their name to be prominently displayed in conjunction with UC Davis Health and/or sub-brand names. Titling variations include extending the gold rule to add program names in Proxima Nova Bold.

Visit our typographic library to download department/unit treatments.

Use of the UC Davis seal

The UC Davis sealThe UC Davis seal is the most formal university asset. It is reserved for chancellor-level communications and official acknowledgment of courses completed or work performed at UC Davis.

The UC or UC Davis seal should not be used on letterhead or any other materials, such as research posters, branded items, etc. Per the Office of the Chancellor and Provost, use of the seal is reserved only for Chancellor/Provost Office use. Other parts of our institution are instead required to use their respective organizational letterhead. In this case, the proper replacement would be the official UC Davis Health logo.

To download the letterheads, visit the Branding and Messaging page on the Insider. The letterhead options are located on the right sidebar under Brand Standards and Graphic Tools.

Other resources

For additional guidance and information review the following areas:

Logo color treatments


Approved logo usage – primary

Approved logo usage – sub-brand

Layout best practices

Use of the UC Davis Health name and/or logo by an outside entity/partner is strictly prohibited without written permission by the Public Affairs & Marketing. For questions regarding the use of the UC Davis Health name or logo contact hs-marketing@ucdavis.edu