Using the UC Davis Health name

When using the UC Davis Health name in written copy, it is important to reference the name in a consistent manner — as “UC Davis Health.” Please note that “the” should not precede “UC Davis Health.”

For brand name consistency, do not abbreviate the UC Davis Health name with “UCDH.” Acronyms should not be used in any context when referencing UC Davis Health or any sub-brand entities. View our naming standards for additional information.

Font and Color Treatments


When fonts and typography are used consistently, it helps unify messaging and creates familiarity. These guidelines, in alignment with UC Davis type guidelines, assist with consistent department and unit titling and copy treatments for visual layouts.

Proxima Nova font example

Proxima Nova is our primary typeface and contains several different weights including light, regular, semibold, bold, extra bold and black. The UC Davis Health default weight is Proxima Nova Light and should be used in body copy.

Headlines and subheads are always Proxima Nova regular or bold, and should typically be set 2pts larger than body copy. Bullet lists should be formatted with a square bullet and be set in Proxima Nova regular for emphasis. In printed materials only use all caps in small instances such as charts, labels and UI navigation.

In cases where Proxima Nova is not available, use Arial Regular and Bold or Helvetica Regular and Bold as a failsafe font substitute.

Freighttext Pro font exampleFreightText Pro is a serif font and is a secondary typeface for UC Davis Health. Serif fonts have decorative cross lines at the end of each character stroke which give it a distinctly different look than Proxima (a sans serif font).

FreightText should be used only when a serif font is preferred or necessary. Examples include formal invitations or certificates, longer form copy and smaller captions. View examples of preferred font usage

Proxima Nova and FreightText Pro Font License

For all users who do not have Proxima Nova or FreightText Pro installed, you will need to purchase and download the font.

The license for the Proxima Nova normal font package is $15 per desktop/computer, as an enterprise or health system-wide license is not available for the Proxima Nova font family.

To purchase licenses individually or for a department, please submit a font order request through UC Davis Information and Educational Technology.

FreightText is available through Adobe at this site. We are negotiating for an enterprise license.

Note: You must have administrative access to your computer in order to install fonts. Please contact your IT support personnel or submit an IS Service Request to Desktop Support if you are prompted for a login and password or are having trouble when trying to install the fonts on your computer.


The UC Davis Health brand does not utilize custom programs and/or center logos, and instead relies on the strength of the overall brand. Individual entities falling under the UC Davis Health brand are provided a typographic solution that allows their name to be prominently displayed in conjunction with UC Davis Health. For assistance with typography treatments contact Public Affairs and Marketing at

Color Treatments

Primary colors

The primary color palette is comprised of two pantone colors that help identify materials as part of the overall brand of UC Davis Health. They consist of UC Davis Navy and UC Davis Gold and are used for all logo lockups. For all printed marketing materials, always incorporate navy and gold.

Note: Since individual printers and computer screens show colors differently, the color swatches on this page should not be used for color-matching purposes. Always use the formulas provided.

UC Davis Health primary color palette

Secondary colors

The primary brand colors of gold and navy should be maintained as the main base of color for all communications. Some communications require additional content such as custom charts and graphics. In these instances a secondary color palette can be used in support with the content. Secondary color use should be defined by graphic needs (charts or graphs), or through the selection of imagery.

UC Davis Health secondary color palette

Note: Since individual printers and computer screens show colors differently, the color swatches on this page should not be used for color-matching purposes. Always use the formulas provided.

Primary colors for web

Since the presentation of online communication differs from printed materials, the colors for logos are a specification optimized for digital use only. When using logos for the web always use a PNG format and follow the color swatch below. 

UC Davis Health web color palette

Use of the UC Davis Health name and/or logo by an outside entity/partner is strictly prohibited without written permission by the Public Affairs & Marketing. For questions regarding the use of the UC Davis Health name or logo contact