Business System Standards

Business stationery example; business card and letterhead

All business system items should be ordered through the UC Davis Repro Graphics site AggiePrint.

Printed stationery components include business cards, customized department letterheads, #10 envelope and notepads.

Please note that business cards and letterhead are considered official UC Davis Health documents and the design cannot be altered.

Special requests may be made to

To download the UC Davis Health general brand Word document letterheads, visit the Branding and Messaging page on The Insider.

The letterhead options are located on the right sidebar under Brand Standards and Graphic Tools.  

Note: The primary UC Davis Health logo is the only logo used on all stationary items. All sub-brands, groups and individuals must use the primary brand logo.

Standard department letterhead

These options include department/unit type treatments with contact information.

Customized department letterheads are available both as editable Word documents and as printed letterhead and should be ordered through Repro Graphics.

Examples of standard department letterhead

Academic department letterhead with seal

Based on UC Davis’ updated guidelines, Public Affairs and Marketing has created business cards and letterhead options for UC Davis Health entities incorporating the seal that are available for approved applications only. These can be ordered through Repro Graphics.

Examples of academic department letterheads with seal

How to view the UC Davis Health stationary library

To view the full stationary library follow the instructions below:

  • Visit AggiePrint
  • Scroll to Search the Print Catalog
  • Select UC Davis Health and click search
  • Select UC Davis Health Stationary