OnCore Intake Instructions

  • OnCore Initial Intake Submission Form

    The new Oncore Initial Intake Submission Form is live. The new form helps remove uncertainty from the intake process with service options listed and predefined fields clearly labeled. Use the new intake form to ensure your requests reach our Intake Project Manager for the following services:

    • Protocol Shell
    • Calendar and Financial Entry (includes Coverage Analysis)
    • Coverage Analysis Only

    Submit service requests as early as possible (after feasibility and before negotiation) with supporting documents, and the Clinical Trial Management System Operations (CTMS Ops) team will process and assign requests in a timely manner.

    Submit an OnCore Initial Intake Form
  • OnCore Amendment Intake Submission Form

    This submission process manages amendment submissions that impact Oncore and the study’s calendar and information in Oncore.

    The following changes must be submitted through the Portal:

    • Changes to MCA/CPT codes
    • Correction to calendar/financials
    • PI (For PI Only changes, uploading documents are not required)
    • Contract Amendment
    • Budget Changes
    • Clinic Modification (check if adding a new service, procedure, adding procedures to existing services, adding or removing CCRC or other location)
    • Subject Related Item (procedures, visits, schedule of event changes, etc.)
    • Correction only to release OnCore calendar/financials

    You are not obligated to submit changes related to study staff, consent forms, or other (non-protocol) study related documents.

    • Submissions to the Portal are processed as received and anything requiring updates in OnCore is placed in the queue and assigned by date received.

    Contract Amendments: Changes to PI, budget, or contract terms will require a contract amendment. Please supply appropriate documentation to verify your amendment changes.

    Submit an OnCore Amendment Intake Form