The Research Education, Training and Career Development program is committed to developing the next generation of independent, highly successful academic faculty and advance the UC Davis Schools of Health. This includes efforts to reorient the culture of the institution to support promotion through team science participation and enhance quality mentoring in the human health sciences. By administering KL2 and TL1 grants and other education and training programs, the CTSC supports research education and training on the institutional level.

The CTSC hosts a wealth of opportunities for workforce training and education for pre- and post-doctoral personnel involved in translational research. A comprehensive approach to translational research training offers scholars a rich array of career development opportunities through program curricula, mentored research training, and partnerships with other programs, departments, and institutions. Scholars include clinical and translational researchers at multiple career stages – graduate, medical and veterinary students, postdoctoral and clinical fellows, and junior faculty – and represent numerous departments, disciplines, graduate groups, schools, and colleges throughout UC Davis. The diversity exemplified by the research interests, career stages, and skill sets of the scholars creates a natural environment for the genesis of novel research ideas, interdisciplinary collaborations, and unique approaches to advancing health. This robust resource integrates workforce-training innovations and empowers research teams to address health care needs in the 21st century.

Calls for Applications

CTSC TL1 Pre- and Post-Doctoral Clinical Research Training Program

CTSC KL2 Program

Building Interdisciplinary Research Careers in Women's Health K12 Program

Paul Calabresi Clinical Oncology K12

Mentored Clinical Research Training Program

Clinical Research Graduate Group

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Designated Emphasis in Translational Research