Cornea fellowship

The Cornea and External Eye Disease Service at the UC Davis Health Eye Center offers one fellowship position per year. The fellowship begins on July 7 of each year and runs for 12 months. First established in 1990, the Cornea Fellowship at UC Davis has earned an excellent reputation worldwide for providing a rounded experience in diseases of the cornea and external eye, traditional corneal surgery, advanced techniques such as DSEK, deep anterior lamellar keratoplasty, keratoprosthesis, and keratorefractive surgery. During the fellowship year, which is heavily clinically oriented, the candidate will spend roughly equal amounts of time with Mark Mannis, M.D., Department Chair, Ivan R. Schwab, M.D., Fellowship Director, and Jennifer Li, M.D., Director of the Cornea Service. Outpatient ophthalmology will occupy three days per week, surgery one full day, and refractive surgery one half-day. In addition, the Cornea Service performs many emergency cases.

Program Details

The strong emphasis in the program is that of a traditional cornea fellowship, emphasizing the diagnosis and treatment of the broad range of external eye disease and uveitis. Corneal surgeries include penetrating keratoplasty, deep anterior lamellar keratoplasty, Descemet's stripping endothelial keratoplasty, therapeutic lamellar keratoplasty, pterygium surgery, cataract surgery, and the wide range of surgeries for ocular surface disease, including the management of tumors, stem cell deficiencies, and ocular surface reconstruction surgery. The fellowship program is designed to provide the candidate with extensive experience in hands-on corneal surgery, the diagnosis and treatment of a broad range of external diseases, both infectious and immunologic, uveitis, and the aforementioned surgical procedures. As a clinically oriented fellowship, it is designed to equip the fellow for either academic or private practice after fellowship training.

In addition to the clinical responsibilities, fellows will be expected to participate in ongoing research projects or to initiate research projects that can be completed during the fellowship year. Fellowship preceptors, Drs. Schwab, Li, and Mannis, will directly mentor the research activities or will co-mentor them with collaborating basic scientists in the department.

The fellowship is designed to provide the candidate with substantial medical diagnostic as well as hands-on surgical experience. Fellows will participate both in faculty call and in the teaching program for the residents-in-training at the UC Davis Health Eye Center.


Our fellowship participates in the AUPO FCC compliance program and utilizes the Ophthalmic Matching Program. All fellows applying for the fellowship need to send: (1) a complete curriculum vitae, (2) three letters of recommendation from individuals who are closely acquainted with the candidate's performance during residency and who can evaluate surgical skills, and (3) a personal statement (not to exceed one page in length) outlining professional goals and the reasons for pursuing a corneal fellowship, all in accordance with Ophthalmic Matching Program requirements. Applications will not be considered until all required components are received.

Any questions about applying for the fellowship should be addressed to:

Mr. Roberto Quant
UC Davis Health Eye Center
4860 Y Street, Suite 2400
Sacramento, CA 95817

You can also reach Mr. Quant at