Clinical and Translational Science Center (CTS)

The Clinical and Translational Science Center staff provides faculty, staff and trainees with infrastructure and operations support to facilitate grant writing, research design, fiscal and protocol compliance, as well as data management in the conduct of clinical and translational research.

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Clinical Trials Office

The Clinical Trials Office assists investigators, scholars, and staff in the conduct of clinical research by providing education in regulatory and clinical research administration, help with study recruitment, and a vast array of static and interactive resources to guide investigational teams through the myriad of local, state, and federal requirements

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Clinical Research Guidebook

The purpose of the UC Davis Clinical Research Guidebook is to provide a road map for navigation of the processes and procedures for conducting clinical research at UC Davis. The Guidebook also serves as a reference for investigators and site staff regarding the federal regulations governing clinical research in the United States.

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Community Engagement Consultation Service

The Community Engagement Consultation Service at UC Davis provides opportunities for researchers and community members interested in healthcare research to get expert feedback on how to engage communities around research ideas, proposals, evaluations, and ongoing projects.

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Egghead Research Blog

Egghead is a blog about research by, with or related to UC Davis. It offers news stories, video, audio clips on major research-related topics from UC Davis. The name was inspired by Robert Arneson's Egghead sculptures on campus.

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Health Sciences Libraries

There are two UC Davis Health Sciences Libraries available to serve UC Davis faculty, staff and students.

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Institutional Review Board (IRB) Administration

The IRB is a campus-wide committee established to protect the rights and welfare of human subjects in research studies conducted by UC Davis. It provides education, training, administrative and record-keeping support, and conducts quality improvement audits for the Institutional Review Board (IRB).

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Stem Cell Program

The UC Davis Stem Cell Program brings together resources from across the university to ensure that bench research – the work done in laboratories – can be translated successfully into clinical treatments.

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Research at UC Davis Health

UC Davis Health is on the leading edge of a number of medical advancements because of the quality of our research, who we are and how we work together. Clinical research is welcomed with open arms in every corner of our organization. Much of our research is aimed at developing tools, treatments and therapies that will directly help patients.

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UC Davis Academic Affairs Grant Writing Links and Resources

The UC Davis Office of Vice Provost--Academic Affairs and Distinguished Professor Emerita Suad Joseph of the Department of Anthropology and Program in Women and Gender Studies have provided the information below on grantsmanship to assist UC Davis faculty with understanding the fundamental components of a proposal, networking with potential granting agencies, and learning about available resources.

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UC Davis Office of Research

The Office of Research (OR) serves as the primary campus office for matters related to research.

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University Writing Program

The University Writing Program promotes excellence in written communication among UC Davis students and faculty and emphasizes the importance of writing in the larger community. We help undergraduate and graduate students from all disciplines to master the writing skills they need to succeed as academics, professionals, and citizens.

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