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Latinx Staff and Faculty Association

Providing information about the campus community, promoting wellness, and professional guidance.

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Latinx Staff and Faculty Association, established 2000


The mission of the Latinx Staff and Faculty Association (LSFA) is to provide information about the campus community, promote wellness, and offer professional guidance to those seeking support or career advancement. LFSA will act as a collaborative unit and advocate for concerns and issues at the University and Community level for staff, faculty, residents, and students.


LSFA will act as a bridge and catalyst to support Latinx identified staff faculty members who seek to enhance and develop their professional roles and responsibilities within the University of California, Davis.


  • To serve as a resource and advocate for staff development, retention, and wellness.
  • Develop and cultivate internal and external community partnerships.
  • Strengthen the Latinx network.

Because of COVID restrictions, meeting have been postponed.

We look forward to more social gatherings in the future!

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Staff and Staff Dependent Scholarships sponsored by UC Davis and UC Davis Health Staff Assemblies

2020 Staff Scholarship applications are closed. Stay tuned for 2021 applications in the spring.

The UC Davis Staff Scholarship Program was created to provide career staff employees with funding to pursue professional certificates and personal/professional development as well as continue their education in Associate, Bachelor, or graduate degree programs at community colleges, state colleges, universities (public or private); professional schools, while concurrently employed at the University of California, Davis.

The 2020 - 2021 Staff Scholarship Program is coordinated by members of the Staff Assembly Scholarship Committee and includes several scholarships we are very proud to administer:

  • Kathleen Moore Endowment Scholarship – For career advancement and educational enrichment of career staff working under the Vice Chancellor for Campus Planning, Facilities and Safety; and the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Resource Management; and earning $53,000 or less annually.
  • Latinx Staff and Faculty Assocation Scholarship (LSFA) – All career staff completing a degree program, coursework at a professional school, or a certificate program; and who uphold the goals of the LSFA and/or are active members are eligible.
  • Margene E. Orzalli Endowment Scholarship - All career staff who have financial need, show academic potential and have demonstrated involvement in campus or community service, are eligible.
  • UC Davis Retirees’ Association Career Enhancement Award – Eligibility is restricted to career staff pursuing a degree from a California Community College, California State University and/or the University of California. Preference may be given to armed service veterans.
  • UC DAVIS / UCDH Staff Assembly Scholarship(s) – All career staff employed at the UC Davis/UCDH locations completing a degree program or coursework at a professional school are eligible.
  • Larry N. Vanderhoef Staff Scholarship – All career staff completing a degree program or coursework at a professional school are eligible.
  • UC DAVIS Health African American Faculty and Staff Association Scholarship (AAFSA) – All career staff completing a degree program, coursework at a professional school, or a certificate program; and who uphold the mission of the AAFSA are eligible.

The number of awards to be presented this year is based upon funds available, number of eligible applicants, and is at the discretion of the Staff Assembly Scholarship Committee.

Eligibility Requirements

Applicants must meet the following eligibility requirements in order to receive a staff scholarship:

  • Be a UC Davis/UCDH career staff member (past probationary period of employment status) and in good standing (not in process of corrective action).
  • Staff member must continue their education while concurrently employed at the University of California, Davis.
  • Not have received a scholarship in the 2019-2020 award cycle.

Deadline and Submission Instructions

  • Completed applications must be submitted by March 29th at 11:59pm. Incomplete applications, including transcripts, will not be considered.
  • While we prefer that all applications are submitted electronically, you may contact the Staff Assembly Coordinator at to discuss alternate submission methods.


  • Scholarship recipients will be notified of their awards in late Spring 2020.
  • Recipients will be invited to an awards ceremony to be held on the Davis campus in September where they will receive an award certificate (monetary award will be mailed following notification of the award).
  • Scholarship awards vary depending on the amount of funding available but prior scholarship awards ranged between $500 and $2,500.
  • Please note that your scholarship may be subject to federal and state taxes. To determine if you are required to claim the Scholarship when filing your income taxes please visit IRS Publication 970 - Tax Benefits for Education.

Staff Scholarship Program Website


Living in Crisis: Latino Children Held Hostage

Written by: Mary Lou de Leon Siantz, PhD, RN, FAAN

National Latino Children’s Institute Member Board of Directors Statement Adopted by NLCI Board of Directors  

UC Davis Health physician meets with members of the migrant caravan in Mexico

Sergio Aguilar-Gaxiola, MD, PhD, mental health expert, assess migrants' needs in Tijuana


Professor Sergio Aguilar-Gaxiola, back row, second from left, at one of four migrant shelters he visited in Tijuana, Mexico, as part of a delegation of philanthropic organizations. UC Davis Health mental health expert Sergio Aguilar-Gaxiola visited emergency shelters in Tijuana, Mexico, last week, on behalf of an influential philanthropic organization assessing the needs of migrants from Central America and Mexico. Aguilar-Gaxiola, director of the UC Davis Center for Reducing Health Disparities and a professor of internal medicine, traveled as a representative of the California Health Care Foundation, of which he serves on the board of directors. The foundation and a delegation of philanthropic leaders, including the heads of The California Endowment and James Irvine Foundation, are seeking ways to improve the lives of some 4,000 migrants, many of whom traveled from as far away as Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala to seek asylum in the United States. Aguilar-Gaxiola on Dec. 18 met with many of the children, youth and adults who sleep in tents, parking lots and buildings repurposed as shelters. The migrants arrived over the past several weeks. What I heard is that these migrants truly are fleeing their countries because of the precarious living conditions they are facing, Aguilar-Gaxiola said. "They are willing to risk their lives and walk thousands of miles in order to look for a chance to a better life." The four shelters he visited provide safe spaces for migrants and are tightly monitored and controlled by security, Aguilar-Gaxiola said, but outside the perimeter, it is a much different story. Two Honduran migrant teenagers walking from their youth shelter were kidnapped and killed, according to news reports, a couple of days before Aguilar-Gaxiola visited that shelter. The compound shelter, a concert and event venue known as El Barretal on the outskirts of Tijuana, provides a temporary home to about 2,400 migrants. Aguilar-Gaxiola observed "a sea of tents” and numerous booths representing various international and national humanitarian and human rights organizations. Groups such as UNICEF, Human Rights International and World Vision oversee the safety of the migrants. Some organizations are advising migrants on how to apply for asylum in the United States. It was a very moving, rich and memorable experience,” Aguilar-Gaxiola added. Aguilar-Gaxiola shared photographs and personal notes of his observations with Sandra Hernandez, president and CEO of the California Health Care Foundation, whose organization along with the other foundations are considering how best to respond to the migrant and humanitarian crisis. The Tijuana excursion was organized by Hispanics in Philanthropy, an Oakland-based national nonprofit that is highly concerned with the state of migrants and is expecting another caravan of migrants to walk up toward the border over the next few months. The UC Davis Center for Reducing Health Disparities, in alliance with the UC Davis Clinical and Translational Science Center, provides leadership and support within and beyond UC Davis Health to promote the health and well-being of ethnically diverse populations. The center's ultimate goal is to improve health outcomes for all.

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Meeting times and location

General member meetings

All are welcome and bring a friend!

Bi-Monthly Meetings, 3rd Thursday of every “odd” month.
12:10-12:50 p.m.

Virtual connection information emailed prior to the meeting.

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Facilities Staff Support Building

4800 2nd Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95820
Conference Room, 2020

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