• Neurological Surgery Advanced Practice Providers

The Advanced Practice Providers (APPs) are board certified nurse practitioners and physician assistants who practice in collaboration with neurosurgeons and neurointensivists, providing a team approach in the management of patients' health care.  APPs are licensed medical professionals who can examine, test, treat and prescribe medications for patients. Our APPs practice both in the hospital and in our clinics.  

The goal of advanced practice providers is to ensure continuity of care and increase access to neurosurgical treatment. They also provide patient and family education regarding diagnoses and treatment plans. They work closely with your doctor to deliver high quality care.

Our neurocritical care APPs provide care to patients with life-threatening neurological disorders.

Melanie Catangay, N.P.

Zach Hill, N.P.

Nick Loper, N.P.

Department APP Supervisor

Christine Picinich, N.P.

Department APP Supervisor

Megan Rye, N.P.

The spine APPs provide specialized care to patients with spine disorders.

Michelle Abraham, P.A.

Ary Arauz, P.A.

Cheryl Shirley, P.A.

Our inpatient APPs provide care for patients who stay one or more nights for neurosurgery care.

Vilija Abrute, N.P.

Rex Ambatali, N.P.

Max Caudle, P.A.

Stephanie Chiarappa, N.P.

Ehsan Ejaz, P.A.

Rose George, N.P.

Our Midtown APPs provide care to patients at the Midtown Neurological Surgery Clinic

Daniel Ayana, N.P.

Claire Basco, N.P.

Christi DeLemos, N.P.

Tram James, N.P.
Peggy Jung, N.P.

Our pediatrics APPs provide specialized care to children with neurological disorders.

Max Caudle, P.A.

Teresa Gonzalez, N.P.

Department APP Supervisor