Kiarash Shahlaie’s paper “Supraorbital keyhole craniotomy via eyebrow incision: A systematic review and meta-analysis”was published in World Neurosurgery. The study provides a contemporary review on the outcomes related to the supraorbital keyhole craniotomy approach and to determine whether they vary with the type of pathology and the addition of an endoscope. Other authors include Ben Waldau and Catherine Peterson from UC Davis; and Zoe M. Robinow from California Northstate University College of Medicine.


Another paper, “Sellar, suprasellar, and parasellar masses: Imaging features and neurosurgical approaches,” was published in The Neuroradiology Journal. This review article addresses the spectrum of pathologies occurring in the sellar, suprasellar and parasellar space, including neoplastic, congenital, vascular, inflammatory, and infectious etiologies. It also addresses treatment options, including neurosurgical approaches for surgical biopsy or resection. Other authors include Bryan Lubomirsky, Zachary B. Jenner, Morgan B. Jude, Reza Assadsangabi and Vladimir Ivanovic from UC Davis Health.