The Sacramento Area Brain Tumor Support Group

Affiliated with the National Brain Tumor Foundation

…Live One Day At A Time…


The Sacramento Area Brain Tumor Support Group was formed in 1990 to provide emotional support and educational programs to tumor patients and their families and friends.


  • To help ourselves, as patients, and our families learn to cope with, adjust to and accept the diagnosis of brain tumor disease.
  • To help and encourage each other through mutual support, and to share problems and joys.
  • To promote the development of supporting relationships among members between meetings.
  • To provide occasional educational programs.
  • To reach new patients and their families.


  • Telephone support
  • Monthly meetings with group discussions and/or speakers
  • Educational publications made available
  • Physicians and professionals serve as advisors to the group, representing such fields as neurology, neurosurgery, radiation oncology and counseling


The Sacramento Area Brain Tumor Support Group is open to all patients with benign or malignant brain tumor disease at any stage. Patients' family members are encouraged to participate. Membership is free.


Due to the COVID-19, we are currently meeting remotely until further notice.

For more information contact Breana Sanchez at