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Resident Leadership Program

Neurosurgery residents are placed in leadership positions early in their clinical training, and our program aims to provide them with the insight and skills necessary to be effective leaders during complex and challenging situations. Our residents participate in a comprehensive leadership development program throughout their residency and demonstrate increasing leadership abilities as their experience and training progresses.  

Meet the Instructor: 

Kia Shahlaie, M.D. Ph.D

Professor and Program Director

In addition to his clinical and research activities, Dr. Kia Shahlaie has a strong interest in resident and medical student education. He is an award winning instructor at the UC Davis School of Medicine, where he serves as a mentor and student advisor. Dr. Shahlaie has a particular interest in professional development and leadership, and has completed the UC Davis School of Medicine Junior Career Leadership Program and the UC Davis Faculty Leadership Academy. The Neurosurgery Resident Leadership Program that Dr. Shahlaie co-founded with Dr. Gene Crumley, with an emphasis on emotional intelligence, is the first of its kind at UC Davis.

`Leadership Opportunities

Neurological surgery residents will have opportunities to:

  • Participate in committee service 
  • Present at institutional conferences
  • Teach at the medical school
  • Teach regional courses such as ENLS 
  • Lead quality improvement projects
  • Obtain funding for independent research  

Residents of Neurological Surgery participate and provide service on a variety of department and hospital committees.  

List of committee participation opportunities:

PGY1  Inpatient Care Committee
PGY2  Program Evaluation Committee
PGY3  Resident Medical Staff Committee
PGY4  (electives)
PGY5  (research/enfolded)
PGY6  Program Evaluation Committee
PGY7  Inpatient Care Committee