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AANS Medical Student Chapter

The American Association of Neurological Surgery (AANS) Medical Student Chapter at UC Davis provides support for medical students who wish to pursue neurosurgery as a career or want to gain more exposure to the field. This student-led group works closely with the Department of Neurological Surgery to offer its members opportunities for mentorship, skill development, research, and networking. 

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To become a chapter member and join our mailing list, please contact aans_chapter-request@ucdavis.edu.


Chapter Events

Upcoming Events

To find out about upcoming events, join our mailing list at aans_chapter-request@ucdavis.edu.

Examples of Past Events

  • Neurosurgery Bootcamp for Medical Students
  • Chapter Fieldtrip to the CNS Annual Meeting
  • Advice on Applying into Neurosurgery
  • Resident Panels
  • Introduction to Subspecialties: Pediatric Neurosurgery, Complex Spine Surgery
  • Mystery Case Discussions


Chapter Newsletter

Our monthly newsletter includes announcements about upcoming events and opportunities and highlights different faculty members in the Department of Neurological Surgery. Sign up to receive the next newsletter at aans_chapter-request@ucdavis.edu


Opportunities in Neurological Surgery for Medical Students

UC Davis
Coursework (Preclinical & Clinical)
Brain and Behavior Block
Clinical (MS4 Year):
NSU 460 – Clinical Neurosurgery
NSU 470 – Advanced Clinical Neurosurgery
NSU 465 – Neurocritical Care
Opportunities to perform Basic, Translational, and/or Clinical Research with numerous faculty and residents in the Department of Neurological Surgery (See sample Funding Opportunities Below)

AANS Medical Student Chapter Events (Faculty Talks, Bootcamps, Mystery Cases), Neurological Surgery Grand Rounds, Resident Journal Club, Tumor Board, Shadowing



The AANS Medical Student Chapter encourages its members to take advantage of the diverse research projects being conducted by numerous faculty and residents in the Department of Neurological Surgery. Below are some examples of opportunities in which medical students can get involved.

Medical Student Research at the UC Davis School of Medicine

NREF Medical Student Summer Research Fellowship



The following are a list of useful resources for medical students:


Other Resources

Funding Opportunities

  • UC Davis Medical Student Research Fellowship (4 Weeks – 1 Year)
  • UC Davis CTSC TL1 Predoctoral Fellowship (1 Year)
  • NREF Medical Student Summer Research Fellowship (8 Weeks)
  • CNS/CSNS Medical Student Summer Fellowship in Socioeconomic Research (8-10 Weeks)
  • OHSU Campagna Scholarship (10 Weeks)
  • [MD/PhD] NIH Ruth L. Kirschstein Individual Predoctoral National Research Service Award (Up to 6 Years)