Research Projects

Research projects

Here’s a sampling of some of the research projects in the Family Caregiving Institute

Family Caregiving Research Repository

Pat Archbold and Barbara Stewart are nationally recognized experts in assessing caregiver skills and preparedness. Archbold is credited with offering the first conceptual model of family caregiving in research in 1980. Along with Stewart, she introduced the concept of preparedness in 1988. Their fundamental work in caregiving – developed while they were faculty at Oregon Health and Science University – now encompasses a massive suite of measurement and survey tools for family caregiving research. The Family Caregiving Institute serves as the repository of those tools. This allows the institute aggregate research across the country and gain new knowledge from others’ rigorous inquiries.

Current grants

  • Novel advanced illness care program: Associate Dean for Research Janice Bell was awarded $600,000 from the Rita and Alex Hillman Foundation Innovations in Care Program for a collaboration with faith-based organizations in Alameda County that address advanced illness care disparities through the Alameda County Care Alliance (ACCA) Advanced Illness Care Program.
  • Understanding patient decisions, driving design-thinking decisions: Assistant Professor Katherine Kim leads research in partnership with Amgen, Inc. to better understand the decision-making processes of patients, providers and family caregivers in order to develop solutions that meet the needs of people facing serious illness.