Welcome! Here at UC Davis Health, we’re proud to offer the health expertise of our world-class university at a variety of locations close to home and work – ranging from Davis to Sacramento, and from Placer County to Folsom to Elk Grove.

As a UC Davis employee, you can select this extraordinary care for your or your family’s everyday health needs, if you so choose. To do so, the first and most important step is to select a health insurance plan that gives you access to UC Davis Health — such as the low-cost UC Blue & Gold HMO.

A network created just for UC

Administered by Health Net, the UC Blue & Gold HMO has a custom network of providers created exclusively for UC — including access to all of the UC Davis Health specialists and primary care experts you may need.

The UC Office of the President publishes details about medical plans on its UCnet site. (And don’t forget: the rates published on UCnet may be higher than what you’ll actually pay as a UC Davis employee. You'll learn more below).

One of the lowest-cost options

UC Blue & Gold allows you to access UC Davis Health care at one of the lowest monthly costs. For UC Davis’ 2022 open enrollment, UC Blue & Gold remained one of the two lowest-priced monthly costs available, and, for individual coverage, also had the lowest annual out-of-pocket maximum. (One of the two lowest for families.) 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Because UC Davis is part of a special pilot program for the next several years, plan rates for UC Davis employees remain lower than those listed in some UCOP and UC-wide benefits materials and websites, such as the UCnet site. For context about the most accurate UC Davis rates, see choosehealth.ucdavis.edu/employees, or its links to the UC Davis Human Resources open enrollment website and its rates information page.

Advantages of UC Davis Health care

The events of recent years have shown all of us why choosing the highest-quality health care is so important. And choosing UC Davis Health for your care means choosing the best for you and your family, such as:

How to choose UC Blue & Gold for your care

It’s easy to sign up during your open enrollment period – whether you’re a new UC Davis employee, or an existing one who’s considering making a switch from Kaiser or another health provider.  

1. First, select UC Blue & Gold as your health plan.

It allows you to access UC Davis Health care at one of the lowest monthly costs.

2. Then choose UC Davis Health as your preferred provider

We may be listed as UC Davis Health or as UC Davis Medical Group in your plan materials.

3. Select your primary care doctor

You can browse our providers at the link below, or call 800-2-UCDAVIS for assistance selecting a doctor.

Once you have chosen your doctor, you may be able to schedule your new-patient appointment using our convenient online open scheduling feature.

GOOD TO KNOW: UC Davis employees receive priority scheduling for specialty care. They can also choose from any of our UC Davis primary care physicians to provide their everyday care – even if those primary care physicians are closed to taking new patients, they are always open to employees (wait times may vary).

Find your primary care provider

This page last updated October 26, 2021.